Letter Match

  1. **Alphabet Game** - Round One-Student drags lower case letters to uppercase letters to match. Round Two- reverse process. Round Three- Drag letters to correct alphabetical order.
  2. **Alphabet Letter Match** - Match lower case with upper case letters.
  3. **Alphabet Word Match** - Match lower case word with upper case word.
  4. **Coloring Pages** - Match up letter with same letter on color page to color the picture. This activity includes matching a number with like number.
  5. **Kangaroo Confusion** - Click on the kangaroo with the matching letter.
  6. **Literacy Center** - match capital to small letter using the red arrows
  7. **Lug and the Giant Space Storks** - Find the capital letter that matches the flashing letter.
  8. **Match the Letters** - Find the letter that matches the letter on the right and type it.
  9. **Match beginning sound** - Type the beginning sound of each picture.
  10. **Matching Letter Game** - [Click on Continue to start] Match lower case with upper case letter.
  11. **Missing Letter** - Type the letter that is missing
  12. **Special Names** - Find the correct capitalization of proper nouns.
  13. **Teddy Bear Picnic** - Match the capital letter with the matching lower case letter on the bear. Sit him in the chair and if it is correct he will drink out of the straw.
  14. **Upper and Lower Case Matching** - Color the shirts with the lower case letters to match the color of the upper case letters. **Section Two** ; **Section Three** ; **Section Four**
  15. **Zara's Capital Letter Game** - Capitalize the first letter using the looking glass without waking up Zara.