Letter Order
  1. **ABC Ordering** - Very good interactive audio activity that asks what letter comes next with immediate feedback.
  2. **ABCD Watermelon** - Pick the letter that is missing.
  3. **Alphabet Order** - Click and drag the letters in the correct order.
  4. **Alphabetical order** - drag these words over into their correct place - Pictures are included by the word - several levels are available
  5. **Alphabetical order** - Little Mo has found a word plant, but they are out of order. Click and drag words into order.
  6. **The Book Game** - Organize the out of order books. Click on the picture of the books to play. Click each book to put it in alphabetical order.
  7. **Connect the Dots** - create a Winnie the Pooh character.
  8. **Find the Missing Letter** - This is not a mouse activity. Use the keyboard to fill in the missing letters of the alphabet.
  9. **Order the letters** - [Click on Continue to start] Put the letters in alphabetical order.
  10. **Spring Bee** - Help the bees take the letter flowers back in the correct order.