Rhyming Words

  1. Animal Muddle - Listen to Foxy Dancer's animal rhyme at The Little Animals Activity Centre.
  2. Concentration-style matching game from Quia - 8 pairs of rhyming words to match
  3. Digby Mole's Rhyming Game - from Little Animals Activity Centre - start with level 1
  4. Help Reggie Find the Rhyme - Many choices to select from. Click on the word that rhymes with the picture
  5. Loosey Goosey Rhymes - Loosey Goosey letters keep falling off the words. Try to guess what letters are missing.
  6. Professor Garfield's Barn - Find rhyming words to match the animals.
  7. Rhyme-bot - Pick the word that rhymes with the robot's song - some reading required
  8. Rhyme Time - match the word with the image it rhymes with
  9. Rhyme Time with Gisele - Read one of four poems along with Gisele. After the poem has been read, click on any word to hear the word read to you.
  10. Rhyming Words - [click Continue to start] Student reads the CVC words and find the match that rhymes.
  11. Rhyming Words - Help Gus find rhymes to help him finish his song.
  12. Rhyming words - Pick the word that rhymes like the word pronounced - some reading required.
  13. Rhyming words - Pick the word that rhymes with the pronounced word - some reading required.
  14. Rhyming Words Match Game - Click on the pictures that rhyme.
  15. Rhyming Words - Listen to the words and drag and drop the red x on the word that doesn't rhyme with the others!
  16. Whirlyword machine - spin any wheel and sound out the word
  17. Wizards and Pigs: Episode I Poetry Pickle - students identify rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration